Terms of Service

Monthly Contracts

Deadbug Pest Control is committed to serving your business on a monthly basis (unless scheduled otherwise). You will have the same Service Tech each month who knows the details of your service plan, the locations of all Pest Control devices and wants to work with you and your staff to protect your building and property from pests.

Contract: We do not ask you to sign a contract prior to service beginning. If in the future you choose to no longer use DEADBUG’S services, then you are free to leave. We do ask though, for the respect in letting us know what isn’t working for you and allowing us to make the changes necessary, if we are able.

Pest Control Devices: DEADBUG utilizes only the best and safest traps, bait stations and monitors. Your Service Tech will determine the best devices to use and the proper locations during the initial set-up. The cost of these devices will be invoiced to you. If any of these devices get broken or need repaired, the replacement cost is yours. 

Monthly Costs: Prior to Set-Up, a service charge will be agreed upon between yourself and DEADBUG. This cost will remain the same unless you request additional services, devices or more work to be done on a monthly basis. DEADBUG reserves the right to increase the service charge to reflect costs, no more than every two years. 

Additional Calls: If you require your Service Tech to service your site at an additional time from your schedule monthly visit, there will be an additional cost of $140 minimum plus the cost of devices added or products used. This cost will increase accordingly if the job requires different tools or products from your normal monthly routine. Prior to work being booked, your Service Tech will provide a quote of all additional costs. 

Included in Monthly Service Calls:

  • Check, Empty & Reset Traps
  • Check Bait Stations and Refill if necessary
  • Check Monitors – Replace if necessary
  • Check Fly Lights – Replace Glue Boards if necessary
  • Check Fly Misters – (Refill can has a cost of $30 & is added to your invoice total)
  • Check-In with you or your staff to inquire about any pest issues in last month
  • Inspect your building(s) for any signs of pest activity and resolve issue if able

Invoicing: It is expected that your invoice is due at the time of service. Your Service Tech will leave a yellow copy of your invoice at your business (unless other arrangements have been made with Accounts Payable, ie. Email to Head Office) Overdue accounts will be given a warning and possible solutions. If the problem persists, service will stop.